This is because they operate from ’leaky bucket’ mental model, in which they compare a youngster suffering from diarrhoea to a leaking bucket, and if you don’t put additional water into a leaky bucket, it will leak out. This misunderstanding can be fatal 



An inflated doll with two openings, one at the top and one at the bottom, is used for a demonstration. Frontline health professionals pour water into the top intake to inflate the doll, which represents a healthy baby.


The water is then released by opening the bottom outlet, resulting in the doll returning to its deflated state. This demonstration plays with the the leaky bucket mental model and exposes its flaws.



Pari has been used in Bihar for over two years at VHSND locations and 600 Primary Health Centers throughout eight districts (PHCs). In 2018, the Bihar government committed finances to expand Pari to all 38 districts in the state.


The results showed that appropriate knowledge of diarrhoea management was three times higher and the use of ORS and zinc was almost two times higher than women not exposed.



Source: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, BBC Media Action

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